Dustin Lynch dropping new music TONIGHT

Author: Kimmie Caruba

We were kinda floored when we realized all of the little details about Dustin Lynch’s upcoming album have been right IN FRONT OF US for nearly a month… Dustin has been wearing t-shirts with song titles and lyrics on them… and sharing the photos, IN ORDER, we might add.

We’re getting our first taste of the new album, “Current Mood,” which is set to drop on September 8th, a little early with Dustin announcing the release of “Why We Call Each Other” at night on Thursday, August 24th (technically, August 25th if it drops at midnight).

And ICYMI, here is the full track list for “Current Mood.”

1. “I’d Be Jealous Too”
2. “Seein’ Red”
3. “Small Town Boy”
4. “Why We Call Each Other”
5. “Here We Come”
6. “Love Me or Leave Me Alone”
7. “Back on It”
8. “I Wish You Were Beer”
9. “State Lines”
10. “Party Song”
11. “New Girl”
12. “Why Not Tonight”
13. “Sun Don’t Go Down on That”


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