VIDEO: Old Dominion Explain To Stylz and Roman About How Their Music Stops Babies From Crying!

Music can be soothing and Old Dominion have a story that proves that!

They tell Stylz and Roman the story of a mother who sent them a video of her baby, who would only stop crying when an Old Dominion song was played!

@OldDominion every time my baby girl cries, I turn on Old Dominion & she stops! #weloveyouguys #bigfans #thankgodforolddominion

— Jenna (@jenna_oneill517) August 20, 2017


What’s the difference between playing dive bars compared to stadiums?

They revealed that backstage at Bub City last night as well as what they’d do if they won tonight’s Powerball, how they hooked up with Little Big Town and more!

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