Everyone is excited about the solar eclipse on Monday and for good reason, this is the first total solar eclipse to stretch coast to coast in the continental United States in 99 years.

City officials and experts have been warning AGAINST looking at the sun directly because it can damage your vision. I’m serious, don’t laugh this off, if you stare right into the elclipse, you could go blind and no one wants that.

To prepare, The Adler and other parks have been handing out special eclipse glass to prevent vision loss.

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These precautions are important not only for humans but also for pets, who may experience some confusion during this rare phenomenon.

Pets typically don’t look up into the sun but it’s important that we look out for them on Monday.

One tip is to just keep them indoors from 11:50am, the start of the eclipse, to 2:42pm, the end of the eclipse.

Some pet stores have signs up to remind you of this so really, take your pets into consideration and treat them like you would on July 4th for example.

Pets are also sensitive to shifts in the weather, according to Melanie Monteiro, a pet safety expert who teaches pet first-aid classes and the author of “The Safe-Dog Handbook: A Complete Guide to Protecting Your Pooch, Indoors and Out,” so be wary because your of any behavioral change.

Pets can be “disturbed by the whole vibe because the temperature will drop and the sky will get dark,” she warns.

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And lastly, avoid taking them to any crowded areas.

Enjoy the eclipse and BE SAFE! Do not cause permanent vision damage guys!


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