Cole Swindell Talks Pitching “Flatliners” for Dierks Bentley

Cole Swindell made his morning show debut with Stylz and Roman this AM.

You may know Cole from his single “Flatliner,” which is an absolute monster at US*99, but did you also know that it almost wasn’t his song?

Cole initially wanted to pitch it to Dierks Bentley saying, “right, before I got my record deal, that’s all I did every single day was write a song and pray somebody would record it.”

“When we wrote that one [Flatliners] it just felt like a Dierks song,” he said but admitted it never happened because he just didn’t have the connections back then.

Seems that turned out in his favor. Not only is the song a complete smash for him but he just opened up for Dierks Bentley in Tinley Park!

Listen to the whole interview here:

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