Roman’s College of Country Knowledge: Jenna From Downers Grove

Jenna from Downers Grove thought she had what it takes to graduate from Roman’s College of Country Knowledge?

Did she make the grade or flunk out like so many before her?

If you want your chance to either pass or fail, email!

  1. Former American Idol contestant Scotty McCreery was busted by the TSA in a North Carolina Airport the other day. What did he have on him that he shouldn’t have?
  2. Dylan Scott says his wife Blair is the inspiration for his current hit song.  He says everything in it is true with the exception of the part about Crown and Sprite…because his wife doesn’t drink.  What song is it?
  3. A  couple of weeks ago this singer offered to pay for the honeymoon of a couple who got engaged at his show.  Now he’s offered to pay the college tuition of a pregnant couple’s unborn baby too!  Who is he?
  4. Maren Morris opened up for Keith Urban on his Ripcord World tour last year and is opening up for Sam Hunt this summer on his tour.  What is the name of Hunt’s current World Tour?
  5. This singer admitted in a recent interview that he often cries when he thinks about the baby boy that he and his wife are expecting.  Who is he?
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