Roman’s College of Country Knowledge: Sean From The North Side

Sure, both Sean and Roman are Cubs fans, but that didn’t mean he was going to take it easy on him this morning!

Sean from the North Side was today’s contestant in Roman’s College of Country Knowledge.

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  1. This “For Her” singer and his twin brother Cory both played baseball in college at UNC Charlotte.  Who is this?
  2. Brantley Gilbert just got a new one of these….which covers his entire chest from his collarbone to his waistline.  What was it.
  3. This singer says he really didn’t have a plan on when and where he’s asked his fiancée Maren Morris to marry him and says it just kind of happened.  Who was it?
  4. Billy Ray Cyrus says that he will not be changing his name to Cyrus after all.  Billy is the father Miley Cyrus…who first became famous playing what Disney Channel character?
  5. This singer says he’s having a blast on his “15 in a 30” tour and has posted a bunch of videos to prove it.  Who is he?
Roman's College of Country Knowledge

Today’s answers:

  1. Chris Lane
  2. Tattoo
  3. Ryan Hurd
  4. Hannah Montana
  5. Sam Hunt
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