Thomas Rhett’s new album is inspired by his daughter, Willa Gray

Author: Kimmie Caruba

We fell in love with her the second Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren introduced her to the world, but of course a parent’s love goes deeper than is even describable.

Thomas Rhett is doing the best he can though, while putting together his new album. He said in an interview before his US*99 Country LakeShake performance that for sure, one song is ABOUT Willa Gray.

“There is one song on the record that talks about Willa,” Rhett said. “To be honest, every title I have written down in my phone over the last two months has been inspired by Willa.”

Excuse us while our hearts shatter & we attempt to put them back together again… but in all seriousness, Thomas Rhett & his music have brought us happiness for years — but that’s spread to a whole new realm getting to watch his family grow.

We LOVE Willa, can’t wait to hear the new album, for the baby to arrive… sending so many well wishes to the Akins!!


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