INTERVIEW: Stylz and Roman Talk To Miranda Lambert About All Her Pets!

Miranda Lambert doesn’t just have a couple of pets.

She’s got a WHOLE LOTTA pets!

She told Stylz and Roman backstage at US99’s Windy City Lake Shake about her 7 dogs (which she named off), 4 cats, 5 regular sized horses and 2 mini horses!

So what happens when one of those pets wreck something like her couch?

Miranda Lambert says she was taught not to work about material things, so as she put it…

“I can get another couch…”

Stylz and Roman also talked to her about how Lambert got stuck in an elevator the other day and it was her assistant’s “nanny bag” that saved them.

What is in a “nanny bag”?

Miranda spilled the details on that, her love for Joe’s on Weed Street, what it feels like to be the person behind so many female anthems and more!

Miranda Lambert Interview
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