10 Hangover Tips To Help You Get Back on Your Feet For LakeShake

Last night was awesome. You rocked out to Randy Houser, sang along with Thomas Rhett, and danced with Big and Rich, all while overlooking the beautiful skyline of the wonderful city of Chicago and gazing into Lake Michigan.

But you know, sometimes it’s hard to feel so beautiful and wonderful yourself the next morning. You may just want to crawl back into bed and sleep away the pounding headache that the first day of LakeShake has so graciously given you. Fear not!

Here are some hangover tips to help you rally for another amazing 2 days of Country LakeShake!

1)  Coffee. There’s nothing you want more than a stiff cup of coffee to make you feel more alert for the day- and yes you can have it! However, don’t overdo it with the caffeine because too much will dehydrate you even more.

2) Orange Juice. Once you’re done pounding that cup o’ joe, head for the fridge and get some orange juice. When you’re hungover your blood sugar has dropped and you can boost it back up by putting a nice glassof OJ in your system.

3) Eggs. Okay, time to stomach some food. Eggs are great to cure a hangover because they contain cysteine, which helps break down the toxin that causes hangovers, acetaldehyde.

4) Banana. Your feet are probably swollen from standing all day (or being stepped on), and your neck is probably sore from all that dancing. Bananas contain potassium, which can help alleviate muscle cramps and discomfort.

5) Vitamins. Take a multivitamin to restore the nutrients that the alcohol has taken away from you. If you are feeling pro-active, take one the night you plan to drink to make sure you have plenty of nutrients in your body!

6) Pickles. East some pickles because your body needs salt when you drink!

7) Fried Food. Some good ol’ American greasy food will help your body absorb the alcohol. Fried food sticks to the stomach lining longer than other (lighter) food.

8) Electrolytes. Hangovers are caused by dehydration so it’s important to restore your body with some electrolytes. Some great sources are Coconut Water, Gatorade, and even Pedialyte.

9) Asprin. Take asprin to help reduce inflammation and get rid of that raging headache. You can get these down with a nice tall glass of water! Which leads to the next point…

10)  WATER! So you forgot to go one for one with water and your beers last night. Just make sure you keep hydrating yourself all day with some nice cold H2O.


With temps going up all weekend, make sure to drink plenty of water in between your beers.

Have fun and Happy LakeShaking ya’ll! 


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