Here’s a little story about what your upcoming weekend might look like, told with the help of some of our favorite song titles.


This is the one winter weekend that you actually don’t want to be Somewhere On a Beach:

Because you’ll be Day Drinking all over the city:

Don’t forget to take your Beer Money with you:

Because, let’s be honest, you’re Pretty Good at Drinking Beer:

Or, maybe Rum is more of your thing:

Mental note: Tequila makes [your] clothes fall off:

Whatever, can someone please just put a Drink In My Hand:

Oh, your ex might be out too? The one you used to be Head Over Boots for?

Remind yourself that you’d be Rich, if you ‘had a dollar every time that [you] swore [them] off’:

Repeat this to yourself: YOUR EX AIN’T WORTH THE WHISKEY:

Damn, they still have a Body like a Back Road:

But YOU look Better in Boots:

And better in a Snapback:

And you know it was Somethin’ Bad that ended it all:

It’s their loss they never wanted to put a Rock On:

You’ve Wasted Time on this for too long:

As your buddy Alan Jackson once sang, It’s 5 o’clock somewhere (the OG YOLO):

So you call over the Bartender:

Ask for a shot of Tennessee Whiskey:

And say, “We Should Be Friends,” as you cheers one another:

But, you’re also thinking, I want to Get Me Some of That:

So you ask the Bartender, Why Don’t We Just Dance? 

When the sun goes down

…you realize that you have No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems:

You’re having yourself a Barefoot Blue Jean Night:

As you Boot Scootin’ Boogie around the dance floor:

And all you can think is, ‘Long Live Tonight!’

Because [you] LOVE This Bar:

And as the final song comes on, you yell at the DJ, “Play It Again!”:

As you wake up the next morning, you’ll wish you could Rewind the night:

Because, man, you got Drunk Last Night:

While you lay in bed thinking, “Alcohol, you win again”:

As you think, “I’m Only guilty of a damn good time!”:


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