12 Things You Totally Forgot Happened!

Pokémon GO

The popular board/card game turned into an app and people went crazy over it! Hundreds of people would meet up around the world to catch their Pokémon. Did you catch ’em all? This guy did.


Frozen rosé.. That’s what frosé stands for. Catchy, right? We’re pretty sure the Aussies started this trend.. It was so #basic. We haven’t tried it yet, but here’s all the places you can apparently get it in Chicago.

Leonardo DiCaprio Won an Oscar

This was a truly proud moment for all us. We were all waiting years for this to happen. He had been nominated for an Oscar five times and finally won Best Actor for The Revenant!

Ken Bone

The wholesome man in a sweater became an internet meme during the second presidential debate and let’s be real, he was the only good thing that came out of the election.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris breakup

People were shedding tears when this happened. #TeamTaylor or #TeamCalvin

Michael Phelps Olympics Meme

We kind of forgot about the Olympics already! The 28 gold medals swimmer made a gnarly mean when a South African swimmer was going through his pre-swim ritual.

Ryan Lochte or #LochteGate

He faked a robbery… How could we forget?! Him and some buddies said they were robbed while in Rio, but they weren’t. He “over-exaggerated”.

Sad Ben Affleck
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This is the face Ben Affleck made when an interviewer asked a bad reviews for his movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Instantly, he became a meme.

Harambe RIP

In May of this year, a three-year-old boy climbed into a gorilla enclosure at the Cincinnati Zoo. The zoo was forced to save the boy’s life by killing the gorilla, which started a storm of people expressing their love for the gorilla.

Damn, Daniel

One teen decided to admire his friend’s Vans and started an entire trend of daaaaaamn, Daniel’s.

Making A Murderer

We still think about this show from time to time. It’s a mystery. The Netflix show Making A Murderer was a huge hit when it documented one man’s journey through being accused of murder, but here’s the thing.. did he really do it? His lawyers picture above make us think he didn’t.

Cubs Won The World Series!!

Okay, we’re pretty sure you didn’t forget about this, but we just had to include it. We still can’t believe it finally happened!! 108 years…. This is giving us all the FEELS (again)!!


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