It’s round two of Roman’s College of Country Knowledge! This morning, Roman faced Robert from Hammond and it was SO close!

Here are today’s questions:

  1. Taylor Swift’s first album was released in 2006. What was the name of that album?
  2. In 2003, Super Bowl 37 featured this “Man, I feel like a Woman” country star, she was also joined by No Doubt and Sting. Who kicked off the halftime show?
  3. In 2015, Justin Timberlake invited this “Friends in Low Places” singer on stage to perform with him in Nashville. Name that artist.
  4. Carrie Underwood was the first country artist to win American Idol in early 2000s. What year was it when she won?
  5. Billy Ray Cyrus helped his daughter Miley to stardom because of this one hit wonder. What was the name of that song.

Answers can be found below.


1. Taylor Swift
2. Shania Twain
3. Garth Brooks
4. 2005
5. Achy Breaky Heart
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