By Laura Taylor

FIRST GUEST: Valerie Caputa, volunteer puppy raiser at Canine Companions for Independence

International Assistance Dog Week kicks off on August 7th with Dog Fest Walk & Roll! It’s happening in Oakbrook at 1500 Forest Gate Road from 9:30 AM – 11:00 AM. Learn more at

Valerie tells us all about the event, and about her time as a puppy raiser with Canine Companions. Currently, she’s raising her 5th puppy named Nougat. Listen below as she describes what goes into the training process of a service dog, and what kinds of things they can provide to a person with a disability.

Can’t make it to Dog Fest but still want to help? Consider making a financial contribution here.

Learn more about Canine Companions at

SECOND GUEST: Dr. Heidi Q.T. Pham-Murphy

VSP Global just released some new survey results revealing that teens spend a-third of their life looking at screens. This is problematic as screens give off blue light. Too much blue light can lead to sleep problems and vision problems.

Dr. Heidi offers five tips to help protect our eyes from blue light:

  1. Use the 20/20/20 rule: Every 20 minutes, take a visual break from your screen by looking at something at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. In other words, take a break every now and then from Pokemon Go!
  2. Keep your distance: Blue light’s impact on our eyes increases exponentially at it gets closer to our faces. So if you’re looking at your phone, don’t hold it so close!
  3. Reduce your screen’s brightness: Blue light’s impact also increases exponentially as it gets brighter, so make sure you dim your screens.
  4. Shut down devices before bed: Phones, tablets, and other digital devices should be off at least an hour before bed. Looking at screens before you go to sleep will suppress melatonin, which we need to fall asleep.
  5. Get an annual eye exam!

See the survey results and learn more at

Weekend Journal airs Sunday mornings at 6:30 on US99.5 and 6:00 on US99.5 HD2 The Wolf.

Listen to this week’s full episode below.





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