Ronnie Dunn Compares Fight Against ISIS to WWII

By Staff

Ronnie Dunn, of the country duo Brooks and Dunn, stirred controversy with a post decrying President Obama’s speech addressing the Orlando massacre.

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Today the singer took to social media to further elaborate on his views on ISIS, and the right to bear arms.

In a statement on his official Facebook page Dunn wrote:

…I hope liberals don’t take this wrong but I think we should arm America but properly screen and train Americans first.

We had to do this in WWII….America was hesitant almost to a fault, to enter the war until Britain was almost taken over by Hitler.
ISIS has infiltrated America’s borders and violence of this nature is going to escalate. We can’t sit around and wait to push back.

…we are entering a dark period in history where evil is clearly on the march against good. RD

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