Joey + Rory’s ‘Hymns’ Debuts #1 On Billboard’s Top Country Album Charts

Congratulations to Joey + Rory!

The country duo’s album, Hymns, is #1 on Billboard’s Top Country Album chart (dated March 5) and #1 on Top Christian Albums.

“No one is more surprised that our Hymns record has sold this many copies than Joey and I,” Rory said to Billboard. “For the last few months, we’ve been in Indiana, far away from the music business, living and sharing the story of our personal journey through my blog. We haven’t been promoting our careers at all. The only way I can explain the sales of this record is that it’s a byproduct of something bigger: love.”

According to Nielsen Music, Hymns sold 68,000 copies in the sales week ending February 18th.

Rory Feek has been updating us on his wife, Joey, as she continues to be in hospice care at the family’s home. The couple have a daughter, Indiana, who turned two years old on February 17th.

On February 19th, Rory wrote the following on his blog, This Life I Live:

“Our manager Aaron called us yesterday morning and told us that lots of folks have been buying our new Hymns album and that stores across the country have had a hard time keeping them in stock since they went on sale earlier this week.  I put it on speaker phone so Joey could listen and hear the wonderful news and say hi to Aaron.  When we hung up, Joey and I sat there holding hands… knowing that in time those sales could turn into some income for our family and that could really help, now that there are no more concerts or income from shows.  We talked about what a blessing it was, and then she looked at me very seriously and said, “I need you to do something for me…”.  I told her I would be glad to.  Then with all the sincerity in the world, she said, “I need you to be generous… God has blessed us so much.  We need to bless others’.”

Despite everything Joey is going through, she still has that outlook on life. Her strength is inspirational to us all. Hymns reaching number one on Billboard’s Top Country Album and number one on Top Christian Albums could not happen to a better duo, congratulations to you both!


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