Joey Martin Feek Still Cooks for Family

By Erin Duvall 

Despite her declining health, Joey Martin Feek continues to participate in simple tasks around the home. Joey + Rory‘s Facebook page posted the below photo yesterday (Feb. 22) with the caption, “when a mother can’t get to the kitchen to help make her family dinner… you bring the kitchen to mama.”

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Last week was a big one for the couple as their daughter celebrated her second birthday and the pair’s older daughters represented them at the GRAMMY Awards (even though they didn’t take home a trophy).

“Joey barely slept the night before Indiana’s birthday,” Rory Feek wrote on his This Life I Live blog. ” She was too excited.  Jody said she didn’t fall asleep until about 5 am, around the time that Indy and I woke up. When Joey woke up, a little before noon, I came in to see her… and tears were flowing down her face. Again, I put my arms around her and asked, ‘why are you crying honey?’…’We made it…’, she softly answered. ‘We made it’. And once again, my tears mixed with hers.”

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