Chris Stapleton Missed His Grammy Nomination Because He Had The Wrong Channel On!

Chris Stapleton missed one of the most important moments of his career because he had the wrong channel on.

The country star sat his whole family in front of the TV to watch the Grammy nominations announcements.

He was nominated for album of the year, but no one saw it.

“The guide said it was the right channel, but we never saw any of the nominations,” Stapleton explained to Billboard. “My sister-in-law walked in and said ‘Congratulations!’ I said ‘On what? We’ve been sitting here watching and we didn’t see any of ’em.’ We had to look them all up online like everybody else does.”

Stapleton was also nominated for best country album for his debut album, Traveller.

He didn’t stop to celebrate however, he’s saving that for when he wins on Feb, 15.

And don’t worry, he won’t need to have the right channel then.

“I’m sure I’ll be there in person. I can promise that!”

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