By Laura Taylor

FIRST GUESTS: Stephen Haworth, Folds of Honor Board President, and Sarah White, Folds of Honor 1st College Graduate and Folds of Honor Employee

Honoring the men and women who fight for our freedom this past Veterans Day at the Chicago Theater for Stars and Strings raised funds for Folds of Honor, a non-profit organization dedicated to honoring the sacrifice of U.S. fallen and wounded soldiers by providing educational support to their spouses and children since 2007.

Nine of out ten Americans affected by deployment don’t qualify for federal scholarship assistance, but with the help of the Folds of Honor employees, volunteers, and contributors, the opportunity to attend and graduate college is possible for the families of inured or fallen vets! Steve tells us about the three types of scholarships they offer.

Sarah was the first college graduate who benefited from Folds of Honor’s scholarship program, and she couldn’t be more grateful to the founders of the foundation and to everyone who’s contributed to it. After her dad’s fatal accident in combat in 1995, there weren’t any programs to help alleviate the impending struggles felt by her and her family, such as providing a college scholarship.

“Folds of Honor stepped in in a huge way,” Sarah says. “I didn’t discover them until my sophomore year and I applied for a scholarship and received one for the rest of my college career.”

With the monthly contributions given by Folds of Honor “Wingmen” and other contributors, students like Sarah are able to continue their education and earn a degree, which will give them even more opportunities after graduating.

“Veterans Day just happened,” Steve says, “but the need is all year round. As we continue on and have the conflicts that we do around the world– we’re still in Afghanistan and Iraq– this need is gonna be great for many numbers of years to come.”

You can also help out by coming out to one of their many Sportsmen events, or organizing your own. And if you bought Stars and Strings tickets, you’ve already helped! But money isn’t the only thing Folds of Honor offers to the families of fallen or wounded veterans.

“Yeah, the scholarship was obviously a huge financial relief for my mom and [me],” Sarah says, “but to know that there’s a group of people out there who just kind of want to come behind our family and ensure that the sacrifice that my dad made never goes forgotten about– that’s something that you can’t put a price on.”

Learn more about Folds of Honor and how you can help their cause at

SECOND GUEST: Andy Bull, senior sportswriter for the Guardian and author of Speed Kings: The 1932 Winter Olympics and the Fastest Men in the World

In the 1930’s bobsleds were the fastest things on the planet, reaching speeds of up to 80 miles per hour. It was popular recreationally in America, but it was in Europe that the sport turned competitive.

Then in 1932, the small town of Lake Placid brought that competition to the U.S. for the Winter Olympic Games. Representing America was a motley crue of men from all walks of life, including a teenager, a boxer, a playboy, and a scandalous Hollywood has-been.

Andy tells us how the Games came to such a little town, but also about the dangers it brought with them. This may have been a thrilling sport to take part in and to watch, but it was also fatal at times.

Read more of Andy’s sports stories at, and find the book at your local bookstore or on Amazon.

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