Joey+Rory Share Heartbreaking News About Health

Our thoughts and prayers are with Joey+Rory as they announce difficult news to fans, family and friends.

Rory Feek let fans know on his This Life I Live blog that Joe’s cancer has taken a turn for the worse and spread.

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this…” That’s how the conversation began.

Then the doctor explained that the scans revealed that two quarter-sized tumors have already grown back in the same area that they had been blasting daily with chemo and radiation. And that many more smaller tumors were visible all throughout the abdominal region. She said that the cancer was aggressively spreading in spite of all they’ve been doing.

After receiving the news, Rory says they decided to stop treatment and return home – “Not to die. But to live.”

The couple wants to spend time with one another, watch sunsets with their little girl, and enjoy everything life has to offer. They also took the calendar off the wall, after receiving a date by the doctors how how long Joey may have.

“So we don’t have forever. We’ve got right now.

And that’s enough.

In the end, I suppose that is more than enough.”

Please keep the family in your prayers and thoughts throughout this time, and don’t forget to hug your loved ones today. Read more of the blog HERE.

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