Check Out What Men Want In Their Wives And What They Want In Their Daughters! It’s Completely Different!

So interesting!

A recent study was done to look at the the 21st Century Man in depth. It’s called the Shriver Report and it came out Friday. You can read the summarized report at 

Many things were discovered in the report, but the one interesting fact or weird tidbit is when men were asked what qualities they want in in a wife, American heterosexual men said they want an “attractive” and “sweet” women.  However, only 34 percent said they wanted a romantic partner who is “independent.”

However, when men were asked the qualities they want to see in their DAUGHTERS.  Men selected intelligence (81%) as their top choice. 2nd independence (66%), as well as being strong (48%) and principled (35%), and only 19% of the men cared if their daughters are sweet.

I should add men said the #1 thing they want in their wives was intelligence but still NOT independence? Not strong?

What?!?! Explain that to me fellas!


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