Weekend Journal: Clearing Clutter And Sleeping Soundly

FIRST GUEST: Donna Smallin, professional organizer, cleaning expert, and best-selling author of Clear the Clutter, Find Happiness: One-Minute Tips for Decluttering and Refreshing Your Home and Your Life

Clutter. Just hearing the word makes many people shudder. But Donna says there’s a way to clear clutter without losing your mind!

First, let’s talk about that closet of yours. How many sweaters and shoes do you really need? Donna says scheduling a time for you to play “dress up” allows you to go through every item in your closet. Does it fit and make you feel fabulous? Keep it! If not, start a pile right then and there of clothes to donate or, if they’re not in good shape anymore, pitch. Her “Keep/Toss” quiz in the book is sure to help, too.

She also explains the “poverty mindset.” Many people hang on to things well after their usefulness has expired because we irrationally think that we won’t be able to replace that item. But in reality, more often than not, things can be replaced.

If, however, an item has an amount of sentimental value, that’s another story. But to truly honor the sentiments attached to, say, a family heirloom, wouldn’t it be better served if it were put to good use or displayed nicely as opposed to stashed away in the attic?

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Donna also explains how we can cut down our paper clutter, too, by signing up for E-statements, for example. She also explains what types of paperwork to keep good records of and for how long, and which you can throw a shredding party for.

And what about clutter you’ve “inherited.” Maybe a loved one passed away or moved away, and you got stuck with their stuff? Or maybe your kids moved out and left most of their stuff behind? Donna shares her advice such as arranging for an estate sale.

Full of practical tips, such as how to determine the value of an item instantly at instappraisal.com or where to look to hire professional organizers (try the National Association of Professional Organizers), Clear the Clutter is sure to provide you with that first big push to get you started.

Learn more about the book or sign up for Donna’s email tips at unclutter.com.

SECOND GUEST: Dr. Janet Krone Kennedy, clinical psychologist, founder of NYC Sleep Doctor, and author of The Good Sleeper: The Essential Guide to Sleep for Your Baby (and You)

Soon-to-be moms know to expect sleepless nights, especially in those first few months after bring Baby home from the hospital. But how can parents make sure they and their baby are getting the right amount of sleep and good quality sleep?

Dr. Kennedy explains that babies need tons of sleep– sometimes up to 20 hours a day! So what should your baby’s sleep schedule look like in the first few months of his or her life?

And what soothing strategies are best if your baby is fussy or wakes up at night? She warns against immediately going into the nursery at the first sign of noise simply because the baby might not actually be awake yet. Going into the room may actually wake Baby up, which is counter-productive. Dr. Kennedy offers other ways to soothe your baby back to sleep.

Plus, what are the pros and cons of “attachment parents” who may opt to co-sleep? Dr. Kennedy says there are some bonding benefits to this, but a fine line separates bonding with real dangers and further problems with sleeping down the road.

And what if you’ve got toddlers in your home, too, who are also at risk of losing sleep with a new baby in the house? Dr. Kennedy offers tips on how to handle a houseful of tired people!

Learn more at NYCSleepDoctor.com.

Listen to this week’s full episode below.

Weekend Journal airs Sunday mornings at 6:30 on US99.5 and 6:00 on US99.5 HD2 The Wolf.




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