A Cop Collapses…The Kid He’s Arresting Helps Save His Life! (Video)

Back in September, a cop in Fort Lauderdale, Florida named Franklin Foulks was in the middle of booking a 17-year-old kid named Jamal Rutledge for burglary. The two were alone together in a room.

In the middle of filling out paperwork, Franklin suddenly collapsed on the floor, and started grabbing at his chest. The officer was having a heart attack!

It could have ended tragically, but Jamal, who was handcuffed at the time, immediately started screaming for help, and banging on a metal door to get someone’s attention. Finally, two other cops rushed in, did CPR, and saved Franklin’s life.

According to paramedics who showed up a few minutes later, Franklin could have died if Jamal hadn’t acted as quickly as he did. Next Wednesday he’s being honored by the city for his act.

While he did a great act, Jamal has been arrested AGAIN since the incident. It’s not clear what he did this time, but police are hoping that commending him for doing the right thing will help encourage him to turn his life around.

Meanwhile, Franklin is back at work part time for now and expecting to resume all of his duties by the end of the month.


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