The 5 Fights You Don’t Want to Have Over the Holidays!

My Family loves to get together and argue!  And there’s no better time like Christmas, right?

Here are 5 fights you definitely don’t want to have over the Holidays, but you know it’s gong to happen anyway 🙂 Check it the article HERE as well!

No. 1: Mother-in-law food fight

Just let whoever is doing the cooking do it their way. Put the importance on spending time with each other and allow for differences.

No. 2: The money fight

How do you afford the fancy gifts for your kids, each other and the family, the travel and throwing a holiday party?

Sit down together in advance and create a budget that accounts for all of these expenses. Decide how much you’ll spend on each category and open a holiday account to deposit money into each month.

No. 3: Where and with whom to argue

You both feel pulled to spend time with both sides of the family and it feels impossible to please everybody. Discuss the options with your partner and kids, knowing everyone may not get what they want.

No. 4: The time fight

So busy working overtime to pay for all the holiday expenses that you hardly see each other. Plan date nights or schedule a weekend get-away in your calendar.

No. 5: The tired fight

When either one of you are exhausted from all the holiday details and travel, it’s often the one we love the most that gets the brunt of our short fuse. If you get angry and snap at your partner for this reason, apologize immediately. Remember to laugh!


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