Welcome To The City: 15 Things All Chicago Newbies Experience

Welcome to the Windy City! If you just moved here, you’re in for a real treat – polar vortexes, sky high lake waves, and two month summers! We’re kidding, Chicago is the best city in the nation! If you have recently became a Chicagoan, here are 15 things you experience as a newbie.

1. You think people who talk about LSD are talking about drugs. After multiple convos, it’ll finally hit you that they are referring to Lake Shore Drive, and they were not in fact on LSD yesterday at 2PM when an accident occured.

2. Wind tunnels. Yes, they really exist, and if you haven’t experienced it yet, it’s only a matter of time.

3. Snap chatting the city lights and Lake Michigan … constantly. Hey we get it, you want your friends to be able to experience the joy and happiness you are at that very moment. Snap away!

4. You completely underestimated the temperature. You thought your winter coat was warm enough for the evil winter, but it’s not. Take our advice and get a full length jacket and layer up – no seriously, go get yourself a new coat immediately.

5. You’ll lose touch with a friend or end a relationship because of the commute. Five miles is five minutes anywhere else on the planet, but five miles is a waiting game that just isn’t worth it when it comes to the city.

6. You’ll be forced into trying Italian beef … and you’ll love it. It doesn’t matter if you think it’s absolutely disgusting, you’ll try it – and you won’t hate it.

7. “There’s another train immediately behind this one,” will give you trust issues. Don’t believe them!

8. Going to a Cubs or Sox games has nothing to do with watching the game. This is Chicago, it has to do with drinking and socializing.

9. You’ll get into a fight with a cab driver who claims he doesn’t take credit card. And then, you’ll discover a magical thing called Uber.

10. You won’t respect another grocery store after experiencing Mariano’s. There’s nothing like drinking wine and feeling extra classy while pushing a cart!

11. Every restaurant you go to becomes, “your favorite!” And even though it’s now your “favorite,” you’ve only been there once because you’re too busy experiencing other delicious spots and dubbing them your new “favorite.”

12. If you weren’t a sports fan, you’ll immediately become one. Hockey, baseball, football – it doesn’t matter. It unites all Chicagoans.

13. Productive weekends don’t exist. Days that you have, “so much to do,” turns into “a quick brunch,” which turns into an all day binge. You won’t get anything on your list done.

14. You’ll realize that no matter what, the Sears Tower will always be the Sears Tower. Willis Tower…what?

15. You will experience Chicago’s winter and ask yourself why you moved here. But once summer (finally) hits, you will laugh and ask why you didn’t do it sooner.

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