Watch Eric Paslay’s “Friday Night” Video

Author: Laura Taylor

Friday night, downtown Nashville, top down– and Big Kenny?!

What’s not to love?

It’s all in Eric Paslay’s first official music video. His song Friday Night is one catchy earworm, and now we have a visual to go along with it!

Eric says that shooting his very first video “was a whirlwind of awesomeness!” How could it not be? Hangin’ out with Big Kenny in downtown Nashville can’t be all that bad!

“I got to share the camera with not only members of my band, but also Mr. Big Kenny himself,” Eric says. “It truly felt like a Friday night as we started filming in downtown Nashville at 8:30 PM and ended around 3:30 AM.”

Wow! That might sound like a long night, but if you’ve ever been to Music CIty, you know the nightlife doesn’t ever end.

“There’s nothing like cruisin’ through the neon lights in a sweet 1974 Cadillac candy apple rag top convertible with your friends,” Eric continues. “I hope everyone that sees this video feels the same excitement we felt while making it!”

See for yourself below!



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