Weekend Journal: Rockin’ For The Troops With Ronnie Dunn In Wheaton!

This week Deb Rickert, President of Operation Support our Troops joins us!

Deb, a mother of two soldiers currently serving, founded this organization nearly 10 years ago. They provide assistance and support to returning soldiers and their families, as well as to the families of those who are currently deployed overseas.

Their latest fundraising effort is Rockin’ for the Troops, a full day of music and fun at Cantigny Park on Saturday, July 20th. Ronnie Dunn will headline!

And later, Steve Siebold, author of How Rich People Think, discusses how after he studied some of the wealthiest people in the world, he now has the answer: it  doesn’t have to do with how hard, but rather how SMART we work in the way we think about wealth management.

Listen to this week’s full episode below.

Weekend Journal airs Sunday mornings at 6:30 on US99.5.



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