The Civil Wars’ ‘The One That Got Away’ Video Is As Painful As It Is Beautiful

The acclaim for country-folk duo the Civil Wars is probably as high today as it’s ever been. They’ve won GRAMMYs, they’ve recorded with T-Bone Burnett and Taylor Swift, and their debut album (Barton Hollow) has been certified Gold by the R.I.A.A.

The trouble is, the two bandmates (Joy Williams and John Paul White) appear not to be in a place where they can truly enjoy their well-earned success. That’s because, even though they have a second album on the way (The Civil Wars, hitting stores August 6), Williams and White have–as far as we can tell–officially disbanded. Or they have as a touring entity, at least, based on a statement that was widely circulated late last year.

What’s unusual in this particular disbanding, though, is that they have gone ahead with their plans to release a second album this year. Earlier this month they debuted the album’s first single, “The One That Got Away”; and today they unveiled a video for the song.

The video isn’t high concept. More of a behind-the-scenes-type presentation, it consists mostly of a series of shots showing Williams and White recording the song in the studio.

But it’s a powerful watch nonetheless, as it seems to show that whatever rift exists between these two talented musicians is heartbreakingly real.


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