Brad Paisley Thanks Lisa & Ray For Their Support During The “Accidental Racist” Controversy, Enjoys His SNL Parody

Brad Paisley (Photo by: Stacie McChesney/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Brad Paisley (Photo by: Stacie McChesney/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Earlier this morning Brad Paisley called to chat with Lisa and Ray about his crazy week. “I wanted to call in and thank you. Last week was quite a week.” His new album “Wheelhouse” hit stores last Tuesday, and ever since it was released, the media couldn’t get over the controversial song “Accidental Racist.”

When Chicago first heard the story break about the song “Accidental Racist,” our diverse audience definitely responded.”I can’t tell you how many black folks called up and said ‘I don’t go to country shows. I don’t feel comfortable, I don’t like the stares. I don’t go, not that anything has ever happened, but because they felt that maybe they just weren’t comfortable,” Lisa shared.

Lisa feels that Brad did exactly what he want to do with this song, which was to start a dialogue.

Brad was shocked, and responded, “Wow, that’s amazing, they are completely welcome to come to mine (shows) when we play there (Chicago) soon. The next thing I learned throughout the week was how supportive country radio is of me, especially you guys.”

He continued, “As the people in the media who weren’t as familiar with me started to debate what I was trying to do, you guys were like ‘No, we know him.’ I can’t tell you how deep those feelings go when you’re attacked here and there, and the support means so much more. What I was trying to do with this entire album was push boundaries, and we definitely succeeded at that.”

When all the drama surrounding the controversial song made it to Saturday Night Live this weekend, Brad loved it!

Brad laughed, “It was awesome. For me, by the end of the week when the firestorm has died down and was being parodied on there, that’s when I realized it was a really good thing.”

Danielle Clasing, US99.5


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