List: Ten Things Women Secretly Judge Men On!

What’s the secret thing you judge a man on???

According to these are the Top 10….

No.1 Smell
Women have known since the beginning of time that the way a man smells is one of the most important factors in determining how irresistible she finds him. In the last 20 years, science has caught on to this idea and discovered that women rated a man’s scent as more pleasurable the more his major histocompatibility complex (MHC) differed from hers. The idea here is that the progeny of MHC-dissimilar individuals may have stronger immune systems.

No.2 Height
Science has finally figured out the exact ratio of height difference that heterosexuals look for in a potential partner. When shown drawings of men and women standing side by side, women were partial to men 1.09 times taller than the female pictured. Essentially, that means you would be about 4 inches taller than her if she’s wearing flats and nearly at eye level if she has heels on.

No.3 Shoulder-To-Hip And Waist-To-Hip Ratios It turns out math is sexy after all, because it seems subliminal attraction boils down to numbers. In the same way that men prefer women with a waist-to-hip ratio of around 0.7, women have an ideal for men, too. Waist-to-hip ratios for men between 0.85 and 0.95 are rated by women as most attractive, with 0.9 being the most attractive. Women also adore men with a higher shoulder-to-waist ratio (in other words, men with broad shoulders and a small waist).

No.4 Open Body Postures
Women are more turned on by men who exhibit open body postures than they are by men who have closed body postures. Essentially, research shows that men who take up more space, by spreading out their legs, gesturing with their hands and arms rather than crossing them, and so on, are perceived as more dominant and attractive. Furthermore, a large body of literature links touch to dominance and indicates that men who initiate physical contact with other men, such as touching another guy on the shoulder or shaking hands first, are viewed as more dominant.

No.5 Bulging Biceps
Research has demonstrated that when women are asked to create lists of what they’re looking for in both short-term and long-term male partners, the items they include pertaining to body characteristics are mostly related to upper-body strength. More specifically, muscular arms and wide shoulders are what they focus on.

No.6 Humor
While it turns out men don’t care much whether or not a woman is funny, it matters to a guy whether or not a woman laughs at his jokes.
He’ll be more into her if she does, especially for a sexual relationship. In contrast, women rate men who emit humorous phrases as more confident and intelligent.

No.7 Jaw Line
During the ovulation phase of their cycles, when women are most likely to be interested in a sexual fling, studies show that they gravitate toward men with strongly developed jawlines. According to researchers, an angled jaw indicates facial masculinity and higher testosterone, which may in turn signal a man’s genetic fitness. Interestingly, however, during the non-fertile phases of their cycles, women do not show the same preference for a prominent jawline.

No.8 Use Of Direct Vs. Indirect Tactics
Your level of attractiveness appears to determine how women would like to interact with you. Women seem to expect and accept that attractive men use tactics that make it clear their aim is to impress, including boastfulness and obvious flirtation. When men are less conventionally attractive, on the other hand, women would rather be propositioned in an indirect way, such as by a guy showing his nice side, an act frequently equated in evolutionary psychological research with indicating long-term potential.

No.9 Smile
Women looking for a long-haul relationship are drawn toward men who appear friendly and agreeable, studies say. Researchers presume that a smiling face may be indicative of helping traits, meaning nice guys might be more likely to commit. On the other hand, women in the mood for a short-term coupling appear to hone in on guys who appear moody, broody and prideful. However, women looking for both long-term and short-term relationships specify that good teeth are important.

No.10 Color
In a study that examined what women around the world find sexually desirable, researchers revealed that when men’s faces were seen against a red background or they were wearing red clothing, women rated them as more attractive, although not necessarily as “nicer.”
The study further determined that wearing red was associated in women’s minds with power and higher status.


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