So BUZZFEED.COM compiled a list of Would Your Rather Questions from Reddit and they’re pure awesome sauce….

Would you rather…
Be 4’5″?
Be 7’7″?

Would you rather…
Have legs as long as your fingers?
Have fingers as long as your legs?

Would you rather…
Be able to run at 100 miles per hour?
Or fly at 10 miles per hour?

Would you rather…
Sweat mayo?
Or have to poop a softball?

Would you rather…
Have a dragon?
Or be a dragon?

Would you rather…
Be sexually attracted to fruit?
Or have Cheetos dust permanently stuck on your fingers?

Would you rather…
Never have to worry about money?
Or live in a world with Pokemon?

Would you rather…
Be the BEST racquetball player in the world?
Or find $65 on the street?

Would you rather…
Speak any language fluently?
Or be able to talk to animals?

Would you rather…
Only be able to whisper?
Or only be able to shout?

Would you rather…
Eat a pinecone?
Or poop a pinecone?

Would you rather…
Change gender every time you sneeze?
Or not be able to tell the difference between a muffin and a baby?


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