LIST: 20 Crazy Things That Have Been Banned by Schools!

Has your child’s school placed a ban on something?

The HUFFINGTON POST came up with the list of 20 Weird Things That Have Been Banned by Schools! Do you agree???

1. Holding Hands – A school in Tennessee claims it’s a gateway to sexual activity
2. Hugging – Schools across the country claim It invades other peoples space
3. Red Ink – Schools in Austrailia and England say Red is to negative so they switched to green
4. Dodgeball – We’re guessing too many injuries
5. Bikes – It was only one New York school and they’re just plain crazy
6. Bookbags – One Michigan school won’t let kids carry back packs around in school for safetyconcerns
7. Pogs – Do kids still play w/ these?
8. Bake Sales – A school in Massachusetts said they weren’t promoting healthy eating
9. Black Makeup – An Ohio Boy wore black lipstick, eye makeup, and nail polish and that was the end of that
10. Yoga Pants – A school in Ottawa banned them for obvious reasons
11. Silly Bandz – Most North American Schools agreed these were a complete distraction in class
12. Best Friends – One British School didn’t want students to get so attatched
13. Milk – Some schools believe it’s not healthy
14. Words like Dinosaurs and Halloween – Schools banned certain words cause they brought on unpleasant emotions!
15. UGG BOOTS – A Pennsylvania along w/ a bunch of others say kids stash their cell phone in them
16. Baggy Pants – Probably the best decision they’ve ever made
17. Skinny Jeans – Distraction for the opposite sex
18. Winning – A lot of schools got rid of competitive activities during recess
19. Hard Balls – A Toronto school got rid of Basketballs, Soccer Balls, etc…because a parent got injured
20. Christmas – A bunch of schools got rid of Holiday Pageants, Caroling and any other Christmas fun


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