Gary Allan took the stage at Joe’s bar Wednesday night in a successful attempt to capture some of Chicago’s luckiest, and hint at what it to come this Summer!

Just after 8:10 the TV’s at Joe’s went dark and there started to be a buzz about the crowd, as we knew what was about to happen. A few minutes after, every light at Joe’s bar shut off and a loud guitar took hold of everyone in attendance.

As the lights fell, a figure appeared on stake breaking through the one bright stage light. Gary Allan then took the stage and broke into one of his most popular songs “Watching Airplanes.”

Over the next two hours Gary Allan took us to summer. Through “Best I ever Had” and “Life ‘Aint Always Beautiful.” Allan took a rowdy crowd to a place we can’t wait for.


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Allan broke into what is slated to be his new single “Pieces,” after telling the crowd how much the song meant to him.

Standing on top of a speaker, Allan gave the crowd everything they could have asked for.

It may have been have been below freezing in Chicago, but for over two hours at Joe’s bar, we were able to get a hint at what is and will be an amazing summer. Gary Allan gave us a preview of “Summercamp” and in just a few short weeks the weather will warm up, the songs will get louder, the drinks will be colder and as Mr. Gary Allan promised, this is just the first of many night’s we’ll all remember.

So here’s to summer, here’s to friends, the songs we live, and the memories we’ll be sure to tell our kids one day. “Summercamp” is on our doorstep, and I for one cannot wait!

It’s going be a loud summer, we’ll sing along to the songs we live, as though they are, as Allan said, “The Best We Ever Had.”


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So pretend, at least for now, that it’s 75 degrees, the Cubs and White Sox are planning their opening day starters, and were all wearing shorts.

I cannot tell you what this summer has in store, but if Gary Allan showed us anything tonight at Joe’s Bar, it’s that summer is close, enjoy your friends and let’s all have one amazing “Summercamp!”

All photos courtesy of Steven Koscik / US99.5

Fan review submitted by Steven Berczynski


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