Gary Allan Talks New Album And The Women In His Life

Gary Allan‘s new album, “Set You Free” featuring the highest rising single of his career, “Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)”, hit store shelves yesterday, and today he talked to Lisa Dent & Ramblin’ Ray about the album, and the two women in his life!

Allan, who first broke into country music with 1995’s “Her Man”, strives for a long career with a “steady climb”, as opposed to those artists who shine bright and fade away.

“I want the Willie Nelson career. I’ve always wanted to be the guy that’s here for like 20 years, 25 years. To do that, you can’t be the “latest. greatest thing”. I want some day for them to look over and go “how the hell is he still in the room?””

As for the women in his life these days, Gary spoke about two that influence him every day, however, don’t get the wrong idea about them.

A Goldendoodle named Lucy spends her days following the band from venue to venue, and you may have even seen her on stage, as Gary proclaims, “She’s amazing. She comes out every night at the end of the show. She goes everywhere with us”.

As for the other special lady?

“Usually my songwriting demos, when I finish them I’ll fire them off to her (his mother), and she’ll call me and tell me which one she loves and stuff like that. She’s an amazing woman.”

You can listen to the full interview, right here:

Steve Koscik / US99.5


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