“You just can’t go buy a monkey.”

…and with that Kenny Chesney was off and running this morning, talking to Lisa Dent & Ramblin’ Ray.

As news spread that Kenny now had a new edition to the family in “Pancho” the Goldendoodle, Kenny talked about the adjustment of having to take care of something else besides himself.

“It was a Christmas present, can you imagine somebody just giving you a dog? I’m telling you guys, I had anxiety, I was like what do I do with this?”

However, when the nerves settled Kenny has a new friend for life, saying “I love the little guy. We’re attached at the hip.” So much so that Kenny’s mom is starting to see a resemblance, stating “Ya’ll are so close, you guys are even starting to look alike!”

The dog even seems to get into mischief as often as Kenny on the road, especially when it comes to chewing his way around Chesney’s tour bus.

“This past weekend he tore into this bottle of vaporizing steam, Kenny said, “He annihilated this box and this bottle. My whole bus smelled like vaporizing steam. I still cant get it out. He will eat anything.”

Lisa & Ray also found out that Kenny’s love of animals didn’t necessarily start with “Pancho”. However, this case of “wild” animal love started as a prank of good friend, Keith Urban, while on tour opening for Kenny in “2008, 7, 5, whatever it was”, as Kenny pointed out.

While closing out the tour with Urban, Kenny Chesney thought it might be fun to buy Keith a pet monkey, especially since it was part of his logo for his stage set up, and “it just so happens that year was the year of the monkey.”

Kenny hatched his plan and went into action.

“I looked all over the place and realized that you can’t just go out and adopt one of these things or buy one, it is a legal process, but I wanted buy 2 monkeys, Kenny said, “I was gonna have them in his bus when he got off stage the last night of the tour as a gift. You just can’t go buy a monkey. Its like adopting a kid you have to go through a long process.”

So was that where the prank ended?

“I heard pigs are really, really smart though.”

While it is a lot of fun and games, the life of Kenny Chesney does have an emotional side, including crying at movies…on a date!

Kenny said, “I went on this date with this girl and we went to see Forest Gump. I wasn’t prepared for what I was going to see in Forest Gump, when Bubba dies. I’m about to cry, you know, I didn’t want to cry in front of her if she wasnt crying. She was stone faced, it was like a blank sheet of paper. If someone can’t cry when Bubba dies, then something’s wrong with her!”

The emotion does help as a songwriter, and definitely came through on his latest release, “Welcome To The Fishbowl” which hits stores tomorrow.

When talking about the new album, Kenny said, “you listen to the songs on it and there’s a lot of fun on this record, there’s a lot of songss that people are going to expect to hear at Soldier Field this summer. There are some songs on there that are very authentic to me, emotionally, and maybe in ways that I haven’t been comfortable enough to let people hear before. I think I started that process with Hemingway’s Whiskey. It felt good and I feel like the better I try to get as a human being and person, the more I grow up and feel more comfortable in my skin. It allows you to be more honest to your audience, maybe sing some songs you wouldn’t see yourself singing.”

Kenny Chensey, along with Tim McGraw, hit Soldier Field on Saturday, July 7th for “The Brothers of the Sun Tour 2012”.

Click here for the complete interview:

Steve Koscik / US99.5


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