Kix Brooks “Worships” Joe Walsh, Who Plays Guitar On “New To This Town”

Kix Brooks, half of legendary duo Brooks and Dunn, joined Detroit morning show team Dr. Don Show with Rachael and Grunwald earlier today to talk about his new single, “New To This Town”.

The song features the legendary Joe Walsh from The Eagles, and Kix tells the WYCD radio team about how they met.

“I worship Joe Walsh’s guitar playing, he is my absolute favorite, and I met him when we were doing the Chesney tour. I was sitting in a lawn chair backstage, and I remember going, ‘Joe man, if I ever make my own records, would you play on them?’ He said ‘No.'”

Well obviously he was joking, because Walsh does appear on the new track, which is quickly climbing the charts.

The official music video for “New To This Town” will be released this weekend. In the meantime you can listen to it here:

Kix is also an avid golfer, and when we asked his what his best show was, he humbly replied, “I had a hole in one at Augusta.” Augusta National is where the PGA plays The Masters Tournament. “It was awesome, it was with Pete Coors [Chairman of Molson Coors & MillerCoors]. We played Augusta National on the big course, and we got done, and we had a few bets hanging over, had some lunch, then hit the Par 3 course. And on Hole #5, I hit a nice loop, I think it was a 6 iron, it was obviously on the green. We started getting closer and it was in.”

WYCD’s Rachael Hunter had to ask Kix about some people she met on a cruise she took recently. She met a couple from Nashville, who said they were Kix Brooks’ neighbors, and that they have drinks on his porch and talk football. When she asked Kix about this, he chuckled. “I’m thinkin’ he’s a liar.”

Throughout his career with Brooks and Dunn, Kix has been to so many places that sometimes he loses track of where he is. He tells us that one time there was a stretch where they hit a few towns with the word ‘Rapids’ in the name, and he go so confused that when he hit the stage, he couldn’t say, “How ya doing <insert city here> because he had no idea.

One thing is for sure, though: Kix definitely wakes up with his sense of humor full speed ahead! Listen to hear more of the exclusive interview:

Jason Raithel / 99.5 WYCD / CBS Local

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