Carrie Underwood Talks Stanley Cup Playoffs, Marriage Surprises, and …Parakeets?

Carrie Underwood has sold over 14 million albums, has won hundreds of awards, and is on the verge of releasing her latest album, “Blown Away”, next Tuesday, but still shares the insecurities of not being good enough.

“It happens most of the time.”

Carrie Underwood took the time to Lisa & Ray on an array of topics that include her husband’s run through the Stanley Cup Playoffs, her biggest surprises about marriage, and her love of animals.

When it comes to hockey, you will be hard pressed to find more passionate fans (and players), who superstitiously grow playoff beards and mustaches, but Carrie vowed to not shave her underarms until her husband’s team, the Nashville Predators, were eliminated from the playoffs.

“Yeah, that didn’t last too long, that lasted half a day. I wanted to do something weird. I dunno.”

When it comes to hockey or country music in the household, the ice holds precedence this time of year, according to Carrie, who said, “I would pick him winning something over me winning something. He’s been working, I mean, I’ve been lucky. I’ve won a lot of stuff, and done a lot of stuff. Mike’s been to the Stanley Cup Finals once, and they didn’t win, so I would love to see him win.”

Carrie, who is a very supportive wife, has long gotten over the initial “surprises” of marriage, but said, “I mean, you know we dated. He lived in Ottawa, Canada, and I lived here in Nashville, and we dated like that. We got married. He still lives in Ottawa, I still live in Nashville, and then he got traded to Nashville, and then we lived together for the first time, and we never spent that much time together, so it was just a little bit of an adjustment period, like, where does my stuff go, where does your stuff go, like what time do you wake up in the morning, just getting used to each others schedules and “isms”. There has never been anything bad, its all been really good. We’ve had a really, really, nice couple of years.”

While Carrie supports Mike in his career and passions, the line has to be drawn sometimes when it comes to Carrie’s love of animals.

“The other day, I was at the pet store getting food and I saw this bird that I thought was really stressed out. It was pulling its feathers out and really, really stressed out. I was like, I don’t know anything about birds, I have to get this bird and bring it home with me, and he kinda put his foot down on the bird. So I had to respect that. Its the playoffs and I don’t want to rock the boat that much and I’m gonna be gone all over the place doing album promo stuff. He stepped on my dream of getting this poor little thing. It was just like a little parakeet. Like I said, I don’t know anything about birds, and they probably would have looked at me like I was crazy: I want the one that looks awful. I did do my homework, I started looking things up: what they eat, what do we do, and he was like, we are not getting a bird.

Carrie’s album, “Blown Away”, is in stores on Tuesday, and Mike’s Nashville Predators continue their march through the Stanley Cup Playoffs, advancing to the 2nd round over the Detroit Red Wings.

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