Alright we’re feeling a little love in the air with summer right around the corner!

According to there are 50 Must Hit Spots to Lock Lips.

How many of these places can you say you stole a kiss?

1. In an elevator, hoping it won’t stop on any random floors before yours.
2. In a movie theater, like 14-year-olds.
3. In a car, like 16-year-olds.
4. On a beach, in the surf, like in From Here to Eternity.
5. On a beach, in the water, drunkenly, like on Jersey Shore.
6. In a hot tub, like on The Bachelor.
7. Underwater, like in Splash.
8. In a hotel pool, late at night, like on spring break.
9. In the kitchen, when you’re supposed to be doing the dishes.
10. In the den, with your parents in the next room.
11. At an outdoor concert, on a picnic blanket in the very back.
12. Outside your front door, ’cause you’re not inviting them in tonight.
13. Under the mistletoe, ’cause it’s tradition.
14. At work, when everyone else has gone home.
15. In your boss’s office, ’cause it’s sort of a power trip.
16. On top of a Ferris Wheel.
17. In a closet, at a party, ’cause who’s going to notice and who’s going to care?
18. In the bathroom on a plane, to see if it’s worth the hype
19. On the dance floor, three sheets to the wind. 20. In a taxi cab, with apologies to the driver.
21. In a train station, passionately, with hundreds of people walking by.
22. On your couch, on a Sunday afternoon.
23. On top of the Eiffel Tower. 24. Under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, at sunset, ’cause that means eternal love.
25. In the street, completely randomly, unexpected and unrehearsed.
26. On a hike, at regular intervals throughout the trail.
27. In the back of a limo, like movie stars.
28. Leaning against the car, not ready to say goodnight.
29. Outside the bar, with a stranger, in front of all the smokers.
30. In your childhood room, amid your stuffed animals and baseball trophies.
31. On a rooftop, overlooking the city.
32. In the country somewhere, with no one around.
33. Backstage, illicitly, at a concert, play, or performance of some sort.
34. At a bar, in plain sight of everyone else, and not even caring.
35. At a drive-thru, to be campy.
36. Surreptitiously, on a long train or bus ride, just to pass the time
37. Behind a curtain, somewhere. Because curtains are, weirdly, everywhere. And sexy. 38. In a graveyard, cause it creeps you out, in a good way.
39. At a party, in front of all your friends, and maybe even an ex or two.
40. In the nosebleeds at a ballgame, when the sun sets, and the game gets boring.
41. In a vestibule, to be old-fashioned.
42. On the street, romantically, in a foreign country, during your first vacation together.
43. At someone’s wedding, after having snuck away from the party.
44. On the floor of an art studio (or pilates studio, or dance studio, or music studio…)
45. In the library, in the stacks.
46. At the airport, while saying a tearful goodbye, and making everyone else jealous.
47. In a photobooth, to document your makeout session for $2.
48. On an escalator, with one person standing taller than the other.
49. On a ski left, way up in the air.
50. On a high school football field, even if you’re way past high school.


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