Check out today’s New Country Challenge! Today, it’s Alan Jackson vs. Luke Bryan!

Check out today’s competition and then VOTE!

Comments (21)
  1. Janet Amistad says:

    I vote for AJ…

  2. Patti Allen says:

    Are you kidding me??? There is NO contest between these two! Luke Bryan will NEVER be an Alan Jackson – there should not even be a comparison! Just sayin’!!

  3. Martha Gelgot says:

    Luke Bryan and “country girl shake it for me” single handedly converted me to country music last fall! I was born again!

  4. Trento says:

    F—– bloody awesome AJ!!;]

  5. shirley thompson says:


  6. CristiToma says:

    Who in the name of God is Luke Bryan and why is he in the same poll with Alan Jackson? You can’t compare that Luke guy with The Great Jackson.

  7. Sarah Harrison says:

    Alan Jackson all the way. Luke Bryan is not bad but Alan is better!

  8. says:

    I like both but of course went with luke!

  9. Roger Tumlinson says:

    Luke Bryan is confused. He does not know if he is a country singer or male dancer. Recently saw him perform at Houston Rodeo and was extremely dis-appointed!!!! BE a singer and let your music speak for itself.

  10. Luke bryan will not be able to compete with AJ

  11. Sean says:

    I feel bad for Luke… this isn’t even a fair match. It’s not that Luke is bad, it’s just that Alan is legend.

  12. Allan Jackson Is Icon I have never heard of Luke Bryan. Hope he isn’t one of those that are demolish country music.

  13. says:

    I can’t believe there is even such a vote – go all the way Alan! I vote for you over and over. Love you and you’ll beat the competition.

  14. Alan Jackson All The way!!!! He Is The Best!!! I Have Loved Him Forever!!!

  15. Mary Fisk says:

    I like Luke but come on it’s Alan Jackson,he is # 1 and always will be!!!!!!!

  16. connie wade says:

    I voted for alan jackson

  17. Marjorie Ware says:

    Alan Jackson is number one and has earned that status 53 million times in the records that he has sold

  18. Lisa says:

    Ditto with all of the comments below! These newcomers are just too country rock and I am worried country music is changing too much. I love Alan Jackson and his music, his sound, just everything! I peeved that my local country radio station will not play his new music.

  19. Lucy Gurley says:

    allen jackson wines it hand down he is the best i dont even know luke bryan dont even compaire allen to luke allen is another george joneshe is number one

  20. Janet Toney says:

    I believe Alan Jackson has been one of the very top singers of ALL time. He is my very favorite along with Ty Herndon. Really wish CMT would give him a push on playing his music since he is trying hard to come back. I don’t even hear it on the radio. Please help him!! As for AJ, he will always have his place because no one can write like him.

  21. julie says:

    No one will ever beat Alan Jackson. He’s classic country & always will be.

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