Top 10 Ways To Cure Your Cinco De Mayo Hangover

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Congratulations, you survived Cinco De Mayo. It is now Friday and you have one day until the weekend. Did you knock out one too many margaritas or tequila shots and are now trying to survive the day?

How about I pose this question: How do you feel this morning? Here are some tips on how you can cure that hangover.

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1. SLEEP: Nothing is better after a long night out.

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2. Drink fruit juice and water: Re-hydrate. The reason you feel like crap is because you are dehydrated.

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3. NO Caffeine! This actually has a negative effect, and you won’t be able to go back to sleep.

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4. Orange Juice helps: Vitamin C is a good thing, unless you were drinking Screwdrivers, go back to #1.

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5. Drink what the athletes drink: Gatorade or equivalent: Key is re-hydration.

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6. As sick as it sounds, eat pickles or canned fish. The minerals help (if you don’t puke first).

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7. Start drinking again. (Not always the best idea, but it will prolong the inevitable.)

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8. Take a shower: Being clean always helps you relax.

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9. Alka Seltzer: Should assist other numbers on this list.

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10. Exercise (I don’t know about this one either, but it is worth a shot.)

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