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Johnny Cash Documentary on the way!And it's focusing on what we ALL have been waiting for!
There's a jacket that will hold your beerCheers!!
Thomas Rhett's Daughter Ada James Enjoys a Snow Day!The cold never bothered her anyway!
WATCH: The Fan-Made Harry Potter Prequel About Voldemort Is on Youtube!Voldemort's dark prequel about his origins is finally here!
Gilmore Girls' Scott Patterson Now Has His Own Coffee Brand!From serving coffee to making his own. 
Did You Do A Gender Reveal Party For Your Baby?Gender reveal parties seem to be all the rage lately, in fact, there was even one that happened on stage at the Cubs Convention this pst weekend.
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Stephanie From Carol StreamRoman's current record in the College of Country Knowledge is 268 and 24.
Does Your Significant Other Like An Opposing Sports Team?Race car driver Danica Patrick is dating Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.
What Was The Biggest Mistake You Ever Made At Work?By now you've probably heard about the false alert message that was sent to all of Hawaii's residents that a ballistic missile was inbound, which WAS NOT the case.
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Nick From HampshireDoes knowledge about auto body work translate to knowledge about country music?
What Food Have You Snuck Into A Movie Theater?Getting food at a movie theater can be really expensive!
Scotty McCreery's new song was inspired by his love of his fiancéeDid we mention the video is out too?!?!?

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