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Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Emily From Carol StreamIf Emily from Carol Stream was able to beat Roman this morning, she would have had an extra $100 in her pocket to do some Black Friday shopping!
Stylz & Roman's 15 Second Frenzy: Retail StoresSince today is Black Friday, it only seemed appropriate that Stylz and Roman would ask people to name retail stores as part of the 15 Second Frenzy!
Stylz & Roman's Soldier Salute: Brad Taylor From The US Air ForceWhen a Mom finds out that their son is enlisting in the military, there's all kinds of reactions they could have.
What Are Your Favorite US99 Artists Doing For Thanksgiving?Your favorite US99 artists are planning on celebrating Thanksgiving, just like you and me!
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Bridget From GlenviewSo what was at stake for Bridget from Glenview in her showdown with Roman in the College of Country Knowledge?
Stylz & Roman's Soldier Salute: Steve From BollingbrookThis morning Amanda wanted to salute her husband Steve for his military service!
Defrost Your Windshield In Seconds! [VIDEO]This weatherman shows us a very easy way to defrost your windshield in seconds. You'll wonder why you didn't think of it!
Roman's College of Country Knowledge: Jessica From NilesJessica from Niles tried to talk a lot of smack to Roman this morning. Was she able to back that talk up with a win in Roman's College of Country Knowledge?
TOPIC: What Is Your Thanksgiving Horror Story?Sometimes things go really wrong on Thanksgiving!
Stylz & Roman's Soldier Salute: Vietnam Vet Armando From Dyer, INDNancy called in this morning to talk about the most important person in her life....her Dad.
TOPIC: What Thanksgiving Food Can You Not Stand?Is there a dish that someone brings to Thanksgiving....but nobody eats?
You Could Be Headed To Mexico With US99 and Stylz & Roman!

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